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M2M Segments



Remote patient monitoring with smartphone, smart wearable body sensors



Customised solutions in asset management, smart sensors, data collection



Smart meters – energy and fuel consumption



M-education, attendance tracking



Alarm system monitoring, video surveillance, facility management

consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

Remote monitor and control interoperability between devices, TVs, e-readers



Fleet management services, cargo management, GPS asset tracking, fuel consumption

home and buildings

Home & Buildings

Smart homes, building alarms, security, fire intrusion, solar energy



ATM machines, cash replacement, paper availability, card payment, account balances

What We Offer

We offer an M2M plan that will benefit organisations with a large number of devices and a widevariety of usage profiles.

With Our plan, business owners can store, exchange and analyse data transmitted by theirdevices to increase business efficiency, profitability and improve customer experience.

If you would like to know how our M2M plan can help your business needs, please leave yourdetails with us and a redONE representative will contact you soon.

Get redONE Postpaid Business Plan

Get redONE Postpaid Business Plan

  1. What is this plan all about?
    M2M is a communication plan between two or more machines/devices that will allow for seamless interaction and data exchange without human interference to convey the information. Our M2M plan helps make communication between devices fast, easy and reliable. Our plan is also able to manage multiple devices with variety of profiles.
  2. When will the plan be available?
    This plan is available from May 2019 onwards.
  3. Where can I sign up for this offer?
    This offer is available in all redONE sales channels.
  4. Who is eligible to sign up for this plan?
    This plan is open to new M2M customer & existing redONE M2M customers.
  5. How many lines can I sign up under the same master account?
    3500 lines for M2M basic & M2M Standard. For M2M advance plan, please refer to the table below:
    DetailsM2M Advance
    Total lines200500500
  6. Is there any registration fee required?
    No. For this M2M plan, the deposit and RM10 registration fee are waived.
  7. Do I need to pay activation fee for the M2M advance?
    Yes. you will need to pay RM800 per line as an advanced payment
  8. Will the 1st month’s bill & the termination month’s bill be pro-rated?
    No. There is no pro-rated charges for M2M plan. You will be charged a full month’s commitment for 1st month and/or the termination month.
  9. Will I be tied to a contract if I sign up for this offer?
    Yes. This plan is subject to a contract period of 12 months.
  10. Who can register for this plan?
    This plan can only be registered under a company’s name, not by an individual.
  11. After I have signed up for this plan, am I allowed to upgrade it?
    No COBP (change of bill plan) is allowed for M2M plan.
  12. Is MNP possible?
    No. All subscribers to M2M plan must register as new line.
  13. Is there any advanced payment for M2M Advance ?
    Yes. RM 800 per activation.
  14. How much is the cost for an M2M Advance supplementary line?
    RM1 monthly commitment fee upon activation.
  15. What happens if I terminate my line within my contract period?
    An early termination penalty of RM50 will be imposed on you as per stated in the contract.
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