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redONE Collaborates with Safee Sali – Reinforces Commitment to Elevate Malaysian Sports Via ‘SEPULUH’ Documentary

KUALA LUMPUR – redONE Network Sdn Bhd (“redONE”), Malaysia’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) provider has announced a collaboration with Malaysia’s legendary football icon, Safee Sali for an exciting documentary series, ‘SEPULUH’ that is set to captivate fans and sports enthusiasts. This partnership will bring to light the extraordinary story of the star’s rise to prominence and his indelible impact on Malaysian football.

According to Farid Yunus, Chief Executive Officer, redONE, the decision to collaborate in the documentary is aligned with the commitment to promoting sports development in Malaysia. By supporting the production of the documentary, redONE hopes that Safee’s story will inspire and motivate the next generation of footballers and other athletes in the country.

“redONE is proud to be joining hands with Safee Sali on the documentary as Safee’s journey is not just a story of triumph in football; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Malaysians. We believe in the power of such narratives, and through our support, we aim to contribute to the celebration of excellence and determination.”

“Sport organisations and clubs will always require financial support due to the need for facilities, equipment, support staff and tournament costs. Being personally involved in a Super League football club, I have firsthand experience of the financial constraints that teams and athletes face. Unfortunately, most corporate bodies are not interested in investing in sports as part of their corporate social responsibility programs because it often requires significant investment and there are intangible financial returns.

We hope that this partnership will inspire other corporate companies to come forward to support the development of sports. Collectively, we can contribute to the overall growth and success of our Malaysian teams and athletes,” added Farid.

redONE is committed to uplifting the country’s sports industry and has been actively involved in numerous sports initiatives including having sponsored the Purple League Badminton Championships, Selangor Squash, Kuala Lumpur Fencing, Selangor FC, Terengganu FC and Kelantan FC just to name a few. The company is also currently sponsoring Sabah FC, PDRM FC and Immigration FC, all the way from the first teams to Under-19 and their junior football academies.

The ‘SEPULUH’ documentary is produced by Astro Arena in collaboration with Prime Sports International and pays a tribute to Safee Sali, dubbed the ‘Mokhtar Dahari’ of our time, through a six-part series consisting of exclusive interviews and footages of his journey, providing the audience the opportunity to witness the icon’s early beginnings in football and pivotal moments that shaped his career, from his victories to the setbacks and disappointments.

Fans of Safee Sali and Malaysian sports enthusiasts can watch the ‘SEPULUH’ premiere on Astro Arena (Channel 801) on November 24, 2023 and every Friday at 9.00 pm.

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