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redONE earns the Digital Initiative of the Year trophy at the 2022 Asian Telecom Awards

redONE Network Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s premier Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), received the Digital Initiative of the Year trophy at the 2022 Asian Telecom Awards.

The company was recognised for its successful digital onboarding effort through its redAGENT feature in its redONE 1App, helping both its partners and consumers connect with each other. This system efficiently helped its users find the right partner, at the right time, and at the right place, promoting positive growth in sales.

“Now with the new redAGENT feature on our 1App, both existing and new potential consumers can connect to the partner closest to them. Our company initiatives empowered our partners to continue their sales activities despite a drop in foot traffic in and around our stores during the pandemic,” redONE CEO, Farid Yunus said.

redONE credits the successful implementation of its initiative to the strong network of its partners across Malaysia. This strong relationship allowed the company to introduce various programmes that helped support its partners and consumers who were then finding ways to embrace the new normal. By promoting digital solutions, the company not only curbed the effects of the pandemic but also improved its system.

Partners could generate and send their unique QR code to consumers, allowing users to self-register a redONE Postpaid plan remotely right from the comfort of their home whilst also ensuring partners continue to earn commissions from every digital signup.

“This empowered our partners to reach out and sell to online consumers, effectively creating a whole new inbound sales channel for our partners,” Farid remarked.

The redAGENT app’s ease of use and its efficiency make it an ideal medium as it also addresses the needs of its users in real-time. The app was designed to incorporate instant messaging helping both sellers and consumers connect more seamlessly, delivering more transparent communication and overall better service for both parties.

“Through the redAGENT feature, consumers can choose to get instant help and sales services from our partners. Whilst our partners can use our Partner App to get notified of new redAGENT requests in real-time, and upon accepting the request, partners can then proceed to contact the customer within the redAGENT real-time messaging service. redAGENT enables our partners and consumers the flexibility to complete the request online via our consumer and partner apps,” Farid added.

Ultimately, redONE seeks to further expand the scope of its mobile app services. As more users continue to patronise the solutions offered by the company. An all-in-one mobile or web application providing multiple services will allow the company to effectively become an all-encompassing medium that can deliver a more impactful service to its users including more non-telco products.

“At launch, redAGENT will primarily serve users looking to sign up for a plan or looking for more info on our offerings. However, we do see redAGENT as a key component of our digital toolbox that would enable us to offer other relevant on-demand services to our consumers, opening up even more revenue channels for our partners. In the age of the gig economy, don’t be surprised if the next must-have SuperApp on your device is from redONE,” Farid concludes.

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