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Unlimited Calls to all Networks
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How do I subscribe to the redCALL?

Log on to the redONE 1App

Click My Plan and then choose Add-Ons

Select desired add-on and click Subscribe

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Important Notes

* All prices stated exclude Service Tax.
* Subscription is considered successful when the customer receives a confirmation SMS.
* RM10 will be charged to the customer’s bill upon every successful subscription.



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redCALL unlimited

UNLIMITED voice calls to all networks

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  1. What is redCALL?
    redCALL is a Value-Added Service (VAS) that enables high voice usage customers to make unlimited voice calls to all networks in Malaysia.
  2. Is redCALL a permanent VAS offered by redONE?
  3. How can I subscribe to redCALL?
    For new customers, you can subscribe to redCALL when you sign up for a new redONE Postpaid line at any redONE Branch and Partner Shops near you. For existing customers, you can subscribe via:
    1. redONE 1App MY
    2. dialing *123#
    3. Send < ON redCALL > to 23388
    4. Contact our Customer Care
  4. Who can subscribe to redCALL?
    redCALL is available exclusively to all new and existing RP8, Data28, Amazing8, Amazing28, Amazing38, Amazing48, Amazing58, Hybrid50 and Smart Bundle Plans.
  5. How do I unsubscribe to redCALL?
    You can contact our Customer Care to unsubscribe.
  6. Are there any charges for the SMS I sent to 23388?
    Yes. The standard RM0.15 per SMS will be charged to your bill.
  7. I have terminated my subscription to redCALL. Can I subscribe to redCALL again?
    Yes, you can. RM10 (excluding Service Tax) per month will be charged to your bill for every successful subscription to redCALL.
  8. Is there any registration fee required if I subscribe to redCALL?
    No, there is no registration fee required.
  9. Will I be tied to a contract if I subscribe to redCALL?
    No, there is no contract for redCALL. You can choose to terminate redCALL anytime you want. However, the subscription fee will not be pro-rated and a full month subscription fee will be charged to your bill.
  10. I am an Amazing48 plan customer. How do I subscribe to redCALL ?
    You can subscribe via:
    1. redONE 1App MY
    2. dialing *123#
    3. Send < ON redCALL > to 23388
    4. Contact our Customer Care

  1. The new redCALL Add-On Value-Added Service (VAS) offers unlimited voice calls to all networks and is applicable for domestic usage within Malaysia network only. Video calls and voice calls to special numbers are excluded.
  2. Unlimited voice calls include calls to:
    1. All domestic calls to redONE Postpaid, redONE Prepaid and other mobile operators
    2. All domestic calls to national fixed line numbers
  3. Calls excluded from the unlimited voice calls include:
    1. Calls to 1300 / 1700 / 1600 / 1MOCC numbers
    2. Calls to special and premium numbers
    3. Video calls
    4. IDD calls
  4. Customers can subscribe and terminate redCALL any time.
  5. In the event the customer terminates redCALL, the customer will be charged a full one (1) month subscription fee for the particular month even though the customer terminates redCALL at the beginning or middle of the month. Customers are advised to terminate redCALL before the start of the next bill cycle.
  6. If the customer adds the redCALL subscription in the middle of the month, any previous usage will be charged normal rate and is not calculated under the unlimited calls. Only the usage after the successful subscription will be calculated under the unlimited calls quota.
  7. In any event where the customer changes their subscribed postpaid plan to RP8, Amazing8, Amazing28 or Data28, the subscription to redCALL will be automatically terminated. The customer will be charged one (1) full month subscription fee in the bill.
  8. The unlimited calls to all networks shall NOT be:
    1. Resold, rented or utilised in any other way except as an individual making calls to other network users in Malaysia
    2. Used for rerouting calls (connection with a device/software/application)
    3. Used to set up switch devices which could keep a line open potentially for hours
    4. Used for multiple simultaneous calling and conference calling
    5. Used for call centre and telemarketing
    6. Used for continuous calling for extended period of time, auto-dialing and machine-to-machine communication
  9. The subscription fee for redCALL is not pro-rated and will be auto renewed on the 1st of every month unless redCALL has been terminated.
  10. Unlimited voice calls to all networks is subject to our Fair Use Policy, which may be implemented if you exceed 100 hours a month. The complete Fair Use Policy can be found here.
  11. Upon 100% utilisation of the maximum 100 hours, subsequent usage will be charged Pay-Per-Use (PPU) rate at RM0.15 per minute.
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